Theeramythri Sea food Restaurant Project

Department of Fisheries in Association with Society for Assistance to Fisherwomen (SAF) implemented ‘Theeramythri Sea food restaurant project ‘across various districts in Kerala ensuring the best quality seafood at an affordable price.

The main aim of the project is to encourage the value addition in fishery and there by providing good quality seafood products at a reasonable price for poor people and thus ensuring food security. The project supports livelihood of fisherwomen so as to mitigate the lockdown uncertainty by supplying good sea food at low price for the community.

Through this project, 46 seafood restaurants are established in 9 coastal areas in Kerala benefitting 230 fisherwomen. The project helped to revive the sector ensuring livelihood security, food security and stable income.

The State share of the project is Rs 267 lakh. The 75% of the total project cost of each unit is provided as grant assistance, 20% is covered through bank loan and remaining 5% is contributed by the concerned beneficiaries.


  • Handholding support to existing Hotels/restaurants under SAF by upgrading them to seafood restaurants.
  • Ensure food security for poor people by making the availability of meals at a reasonable price.
  • Encouraging more fisherwomen to come forward and initiate value-added activities in the fisheries sector.
  • Generating direct employment opportunity which results in social and economic empowerment of fisherwomen.
  • Branding of Theeramythri Hotels/Restaurants which ensure good quality fish products.
  • Entrepreneurship among fisher women communities.