Theeramaveli Project

With a view to market the Supplyco Maveli Products through Theeramythri Supermarkets and Community Provision Stores, Department of Fisheries in association with Department of Civil Supplies coined the concept of Theeramaveli. Supplyco subsidized products are available to coastal population through 10 supermarkets and 5 community provision stores across the state.

Theeramaveli project is intended to achieve sustainability of Theeramythri Supermarkets and Community Provision Stores by acting as an outlet for supplyco maveli products, FMCG items and their own items.

Snehatheeram Project

Society for Assistance to Fisherwomen (SAF) in association with Co-operation Department is implementing Snehatheeram project- a micro credit scheme to fisherwomen through Primary Agricultural Credit Society (PACS). A co-operative society will sanction a Maximum of Rs.10 lakhs. The Project includes process of beneficiary selection and formation of micro units with 2-4 members. The bank loan to micro units will be at a low interest rate and the group can relent the amount.

Objectives of the Snehatheeram Micro Credit Scheme:

  • To establish a suitable mechanism so that the beneficiary would be able to access institutional credit and prevent the exploitations by private money lenders.
  • To offer small loans to the people of Kerala at the cost of meagre interest rates.
  • Completed 3 months online course by ASAP of Higher Education Department.
  • To assist people and help them to avoid availing loans from private financiers who charge exorbitantly high-interest rates.

Schuchitwa sagram Sundara theeram Project

Society for Assistance to Fisherwomen (SAF) becomes a part of Schuchitwa sagram Sundara theeram project of harbour engineering department by Participating in campaigns and awareness programmes in all marine districts.

Cycle /vehicle rally, beach side walk, banners, hoardings, seminars ,participation in Theeronnathi awareness programs are the major highlights of the project.