The overarching objectives of SAF are

  • To ensure sustainability support to the micro enterprise units established under the TEAP, TRP, PMNRF projects.
  • To establish micro enterprise units for fisherwomen across Kerala and thereby ensuring sustainable livelihood and income for them. Grant assistance will be given to these beneficiaries for forming in to activity groups of 2 to 5 members.
  • To strengthen the activities of Theeramythri management Council and thereby improve the performance of micro enterprises.
  • To provide assistance to the fisherwomen for enterprising the skill of expertise, financial assistance, business development, formulation of marketing strategies, performance improvement programmes etc
  • To initiate, encourage and strengthen social organizations among fisherwomen in coastal areas and to strengthen and co-ordinate livelihood programmes.
  • To provide advanced skill trainings to the beneficiaries to ensure the sustainable development of micro enterprises and also to find an alternative livelihood for them.
  • To strengthen the organized livelihood activities of fisherwomen groups and to help them to find a direct market with an assured income.
  • To strengthen and link the socially based groups under Grama Panchayat, Municipalities and Corporation and there by developing a product marketing chain for these microenterprises.
  • To organize activities under the leadership of women for health, education and developmental programmes in fisheries sector.
  • To formulate and utilization of a multi-disciplinary team, including experienced officials, for the implementation of project for integrated development of fisherwomen in all areas.