Project Monitoring and Audit

Field level implementation of the project by the Mission coordinators is monitored by nodal officers in each district. Mission coordinators report daily to nodal officers and ED, SAF by email. Weekly meetings are conducted at district level to assess the activities of previous week and to plan the activities of the next week. Monthly reports by the Mission Coordinators are consolidated at regional levels. Based on these, state level reports are prepared. A representative from the technical support team is typically present in the weekly meetings of all districts to provide assistance in the activities. Monthly, quarterly, half yearly reports are also made available. Special purpose reports as per SAF’s requirement are prepared as and when required.

Special efforts have been initiated to ensure accountability, transparency, and reporting across the Theeramythri spectrum. These include facilitating system and process improvements, handholding in accounting and management practices, and streamlining operations and business processes. Ensuring democratic processes and practices within activity groups and federations is also an important component of such efforts. The statutory audit is exercised in the district Nodal offices and the Administrative office of SAF every year.