Managerial and Field level Coordination Support

Managerial and field coordination support for the Theeramythri project is concerned with a range of issues starting from the management of micro enterprises to the governance through Theeramythri Management Councils.

At the group level, managerial and coordination support is mainly in trouble-shooting and crisis management. Identifying exceptions in technology, skills, and management and addressing them is a regular part of Theeramythri activities. Helping the groups in appreciating their strengths and weaknesses and supporting them in resolving the myriad problems that they face in the production processes as well as in engaging with the market require incessant efforts from the support provider.

At the LSGI level, supporting TMCs in emerging as institutions of governance is the major task. Also important is the ability to organically link the processes with the LSGIs themselves. TMCs also handle a management function in the administration of revolving fund. Effective management of the Theeramythri activities at the LSGI level requires coordination of TMC leaders, SAF Nodal Officers, LSGI leaders, the activity groups, Matsyabhavan officers (VEOs in some LSGIs) and mission coordinators.

With the Apex federation evolving into a pivotal institution in the Theeramythri project, activities in category management and business management for the groups are now increasingly through the federation. Seamless coordination between the federation and its regional units, the groups, mission coordinators, and SAF are necessary for the success of the project.

The Management Information System (MIS) including the daily online reporting from the field by mission coordinators is being strengthened and improved. In addition, the Audit System would be improved, which would function as a system and process audit mechanism for the entire project.