Formation of new Activity Groups

Each year, new fisherwomen activity groups are encouraged to take up gainful self employment opportunities in the existing and new areas. Groups and businesses are selected through a proper appraisal process in order to enhance the chances of business success. For the new groups being formed, the grant support is limited to a maximum of 80%. The grant support has been estimated at an average of Rs 1,60,000 per activity group. However, this would not limit new groups from coming up with innovative business proposals as higher investments would be allowed within the scheme by mobilising additional funds through bank linkages as well as from other possible sources.

Apart from production and business units, service enterprises are also supported by SAF. Accordingly, selected fisherwomen groups are provided training in in specific skills such as gardening, institutional housekeeping, day care centres, repairing of home appliances etc. They would then set up their service enterprises.

Similarly, new groups are also envisaged to be established in Inland fishing areas. Special efforts are made to ensure better bank linkages and financing, especially for working capital support.

Any income generating enterprise can be selected as a livelihood activity. The process of setting up of the units, the procurement of fixed assets and the utilization of the Working Capital for the functioning of the units will be done by the beneficiary group directly under the supervision of SAF. The operation and maintenance of the established unit is done by the beneficiary group. SAF also take steps to resolve any conflicts between group members, to ensure optimum production level, to look after technical aspects of production and to identify proper marketing outlets. Average unit cost for a new enterprise is set at Rs.1.60 lakh with an upper ceiling of Rs. 3 lakhs.

Beneficiary groups for the project are selected by the District Implementation Cell of SAF in each district, with Deputy Director as chairman, nodal officer, SAF as convener and Matsyabhavan officers as members.