Capacity Building

Capacity building programme for enterprises has been designed such that they address the requirement of various categories. The training content has modules on various business management aspects such as commodity procurement, category management, and sales promotion. Capacity building is done at various levels- skill enhancement, business management, accounting, attitudinal change and motivation, etc. This trend is expected to continue wherein a team of category evangelists would provide critical support to the activity groups for leveraging on their new capacities to manipulate the product value chains more effectively.

The skill training programme addresses the specific skill development needs of the activity groups. For this, collaborations are established with major technology solution providers in different categories. A framework for the capacity building programme is shown below.

Functional Areas Thematic Areas Target Groups
Management of micro enterprises Production processes in categories
Direct sales
Operations management
Accounting and systems
Members of activity groups
Members of apex federation
Mission coordinators
Micro finance and revolving fund Micro finance
Revolving fund administration
Delinquency management
Credit management systems
Credit rating
Mission coordinators
Matsyabhavan officers
Activity group members
SAF nodal officers
Technical skill development Specific technical skills
Skill upgrades
Maintenance skills
Activity group members
Category management Procurement management
Supply chain management
Sales management
Mission coordinators
Staff of apex federation
Governance TMC governance
Governance of groups
Governance of apex federation
TMC leaders
Activity group leaders
Leaders and staff of apex federation