Branding and Marketing

SAF provides branding and marketing support to the Theeramythri units.
Branding and marketing include the following:

Even though the Theeramythri Project is new in terms of its financial support, it has evolved to provide necessary handholding to the widely distributed livelihood projects implemented under TEAP, TRP and PMNRF projects. The various components to support the sustainability of these units are currently under implementation. The major intervention is the formation of Theeramythri Management Councils in all the Local Self Governments and the advanced management training given to the selected office bearers of the Theeramythri Management Councils. The process of creating a detailed directory of the Theeramythri units is also progressing. The Integrated Rural Technology Centre, Palakkad is providing the necessary social linkages coordination, and monitoring supports for the implementation of these components.

  • Set up stalls during Onam and other important festivals
  • Participate in various state level and national exhibitions such as IITF
  • Design packages for the ‘Theeramythri’ brand of various products
  • Make available packing materials and labels at subsidized rates
  • Develop communication materials, brochures, product catalogues and fliers
  • Develop B2B market linkages
  • Create awareness for SAF products through media campaigns (including social media).